Tom Conville Publishing

Full-Service Business Journal: Manuscript Development through PDF Publication

Starting with approved journal articles, we work directly with international authors to develop final manuscript. We created a fresh, two-color design to incorporate extensive tables and illustrations. We research copyright issues and clear permissions where needed. After typesetting, author reviews, and proofreading, we deliver print-ready PDF files to the printer and web-ready PDF files for internet distribution.

Full-Service College Textbook: From Copyediting to Indexing

For this college textbook publisher we provided comprehensive services, including project management, copyediting, line art rendering, typesetting, proofreading, and indexing. Their print schedule required working nights and weekends, but we shipped the job on time without skimping on quality.

Full-Service Newsletter

To keep in touch with regular customers, this company used to send out a newsletter when they could find time. Now we help research, write, design, typeset, procure photographs (working with their vendors as well as on-site and studio photography), and create web versions of the newsletters cost effectively on tight deadlines.

Cover Design

Our skilled designers create attention-grabbing covers that draw the reader in and boost sales results.

Text Design

Our designers create powerful advertisements for many companies. This ad appeared several times in color and black-and-white versions in the prestigious journal Foreign Affairs.


Our experienced graphic artists created playful cartoons to illustrate procedures for in-house sales training. This image will be used in PowerPoint presentations, web-based resources, and print.


Whether the typesetting is a textbook, a newsletter, or catalogs -- as shown here -- our focus is on quality work at reasonable prices.

Direct Mail Design and Production

We design and typeset postcards, tri-fold brochures, banners, PowerPoint slides, and attention-getting promotional materials for a variety of clients.

Direct Mail Marketing

Touching base with customers in an interesting, but cost-effective way was our goal here. We provided content development, photo research, a simple, clean design, and cost-savings digital printing and mail distribution. We manage direct marketing from the writing stage to small- and large-run printing and cost-saving bulk mailings.

Odd Jobs

In-house publications sometimes need a little help. Sometimes clients just want a fresh set of eyes on a project. We’re occasionally called to copyedit, typeset, retouch photographs, proofread, and so on. These excerpts are from an 8-panel brochure which included studio photography, map illustrations, design, and typesetting.